Growth & Balance
A holistic perspective on women's health

After working with mental health for many years, we felt that it was
difficult to reach out with knowledge about women’s health. We know that
many women experience difficulties, pain and suffering without finding
good help. We have met many women who, after years of trying to seek
good help, have given up getting adequate help in care for their
physical and mental illness. In meetings with these women, we have many
times seen how psychological knowledge and psychological treatment have
been able to play a decisive role. In order to be able to reach out with
knowledge about women’s health in a clear and effective way from a
psychological and interdisciplinary perspective, we started Growth &
Balance which offers:

Psychological counseling, assessment and treatment at our private clinic
for difficulties and life situations where knowledge of women’s health
is important.

Group therapy and digital courses for counseling and help for self-help.

Spreading knowledge through networks, our blog and this website.

Education, supervision and supply knowledge based on psychological
knowledge about women’s health for healthcare staff.

All of our services can be offered in English. They can also take place
in person or digitally (through video), depending on your needs. The
treatments and courses are tailored to the client, so do not hesitate to
reach out with any specific concerns.

The knowledge we want to reach out with can of course be helpful even
for those who do not identify themselves as women. Even though we use
the word woman and women’s health on this website, we of course welcome
everyone who feels that our knowledge can be helpful. We work with LGBTQ
issues both in contact with our clients and in the dissemination of
expertise in supervision and training.

Contact us

Phone: +46 76 325 40 85


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